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NPOs Academy is a non-formal education space for enhancement of skills and development of competences of CSOs executives in Albania through a unique curriculum, up to date learning methodology and diverse professional expertise. During the five years of implementation more than 108 NPOs executives and high managers benefited knowledge and practical skills, cooperation, networking and

National Conference of Civil Society in Albania

On December 4, 2020, the National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania organised the National Conference of Civil Society in Albania. The conference brought together over 130 representatives of civil society organizations, networks and civil society activists, as well as representatives of state institutions, donors and international organizations, to discuss issues related to the

Strengthening CSO networks and coalitions in Albania for more initiatives and greater impact

Through the technical assistance program the Center continues to support further strengthening of networks, coalitions and formal and informal groups of CSOs. In this second year of the program, assistance was focused on addressing the needs of mainly newly established networks, including their internal consolidation, drafting of Strategic Plans, capacity building and mentoring in advocacy

Study Visits of the NPO Academy 2020 participants

This year of the NPO Academy 2020 brings us to virtual meetings and introductory visits to important public and private institutions. As part of Academy visits, participants had the opportunity to discuss with representatives of: ONE Telecommunications , Mrs. Sibel Pipa and Mr. Verdi Norja, the support and contribution that provides to CSOs for their

The Graduation Ceremony of the NPO Academy 2020 participants

The closing of the NPO Academy program, culminates with the graduation ceremony that this year was held on December 20, 2020. Although under the anti-Covid-19 measures, participants now Alumni, got together to crown a year of efforts and investment in increasing their individual knowledge as well as further organizational consolidation of their organization. During the

National Conference of Civil Society in Albania 2020-Summary Document

Following the National Conference of Civil Society, held on December 4, 2020, the Conference Summary Document with the main discussions and recommendations. The Conference brought together, in a virtual meeting, about 135 representatives from civil society organizations, networks and activists, as well as representatives from the donor community and international organizations in the country, to

Addressing issues on the draft Law “On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations”

Following the facilitation of the consultation process with the sector on the Draft Law “On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations”, the National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania organized an online meeting with donors and representatives of international institutions in the country. The meeting was held also in response to the high interest of

Networking Event “Volunteerism & Solidarity- Practices, Challenges and Future Development”

The National Resource Center for Civil Society (NRC) in cooperation with the Association Beyond Barriers (BBA) organized on 23 and 24 July 2020 the Networking Event ” Volunteerism and Solidarity – Practices, Challenges and Future Developments”. The activity follows the work of several months of Beyond Barriers and the National Resource Center to identify and

Support the CSO sector to adapt to the Covid-19 emergency

The Covid-19 pandemic emergency, accompanied by quarantine conditions, has created a series of challenges for the work of the non-profit sector. These challenges, among other things, require new alternative forms of work for the staff of organizations as well as the provision of services to beneficiaries. In response to the non-profit sector needs under the

Strengthening accountability, transparency and sustainability of civil society organizations – Code of Standards for CSOs

During these months, the National Resource Centre has continued the work of drafting the Code of Standards for CSOs, an early initiative of Partners Albania, which was re-introduced in the sector last year, in order to create a self-assessment mechanism that will contribute to raising the standards of activity of CSOs, their transparency, accountability and