Code of Standards for non-profit organizations in Albania

The Code of Standards introduces a self-regulatory mechanism for the sector, aiming to improve the work effectiveness of non-profit organizations, good governance, transparency and accountability.

It is a set of principles and commitments on how organizations operate, how they are governed, how they manage resources, how they are transparent and accountable to all stakeholders, how they build relationships with supporters and donors, how they manage conflicts of interest, etc.

Conceived as a sector contribution to the sector, the Code is a practice established based on international and regional experiences and models of standards for civil society organizations such as the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) and The Global Standard for CSO Accountability.

The working group consisting of 16 civil society organizations, worked and further adapted the Code of Standards to the dynamics of development of the non-profit sector in Albania and drafted the Code of Standards as well as an implementation framework that enables monitoring and self-assessment of the organization.

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