Advocacy and Policy Dialogue

Enabling environment for CSOs

Through the Monitoring Matrix in Albania the Centre aims to define an optimum situation desired for civil society to function and develop effectively. It sets a realistic framework which can be followed and implemented by public authorities and enhance advocacy efforts of civil society groups for a better operating environment. Based on the findings of the MM reports, NRC organizes its advocacy work focusing on priority issues.

Support to CSOs networks

Based on periodically need assessment report of the networks needs and capacities, NRC provides tailored mentoring and technical assistance in support to advocacy initiatives to CSOs local groups/coalitions or networks.

Dialogue meeting with National Council for Civil Society

National Resource Centre will closely cooperate with National Council for Civil Society (NCCS) to strengthen CSOs collaboration with NCCS, as a representative structure of the civil society sector in the dialogue with the state, aiming to increase cooperation among CSOs and NCCS and influence in policy making and reform processes that target or affect the civil society sector in Albania, or other important political-social-economic issues on which the sector can give a significant contribution, through facilitating periodic meetings between NCCS and CSOs.