Help desk services and networking

Help desk services


Through its three offices in Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora, National Resource Centre offers research based information, and onsite and online individual assistance to CSOs all over the country. Based on identified needs of CSOs in the region or in response to individual requests, through the help desk service NRC staff addresses the needs of CSOs accordingly in each office. Some of the issues on which information is provided includes: organizational development, internal policies and procedures, registration of a new NPOs, financial management, legal framework for CSOs, reporting to tax authorities, EU funding schemes and other funding opportunities; consultation processes organised by the government, donors or CSOs, on relevant strategic documents; information on public events open to CSOs participation through a detailed event calendar etc.



National Resource Centre provides information on networks in Albania and in the region and beyond, and also organize networking events to create a community amongst CSOs and strengthen cooperation with all stakeholders and/or interested partners in development of the civil society sector at local, national, regional and European level. The networking events serve as platform of discussion around important issues addressed by CSOs through their work and programs in areas like democracy and good governance, environment, education, provision of social services and services for specific groups, enabling environment for civil society, etc).
The networking events are designed as a space for promoting CSOs work and showcasing services, activities and resources of the sector, as well for developing partnerships opportunities among CSOs, government institutions, donors, businesses, media etc.