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Addressing issues on the draft Law “On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations”

Following the facilitation of the consultation process with the sector on the Draft Law “On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations”, the National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania organized an online meeting with donors and representatives of international institutions in the country. The meeting was held also in response to the high interest of these institutions to know more on the draft law, the concerns of civil society organizations and recommendations with this regard. They expressed their support to CSOs to address further this issue, considering the impact it may have on the enabling environment of civil society in Albania. The Draft Law is in procedure at the Parliament.

Despite that, as part of the consultation process with the Ministry of Justice, many issues of concerns were raised by civil society organizations, unfortunately, only a small part of the suggestions (15% of them) were taken into consideration, in this second draft published in the parliament website. In this situation and following the meeting, the group of NPOs addressed to the representatives of the Albanian Parliament a request to organize a hearing session with representatives of civil society organizations on the draft law.

This session will serve to present all the identified issues, their reserves and suggestions of the sector as well as to create opportunities for the establishment of continuous communication bridges in order for all these problems and suggestions to be subject of a legitimate parliamentary debate, giving of reciprocal arguments and based on international standards and good practices. The request was accepted by the Assembly and in the following days we expect the organization of the hearing.