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CSOs Standards on Accountability and Transparency

Code of Standards for CSOs

National Resource Centre supports the improvement of CSOs’ governance to be more effective, accountable and transparent, and to increase the public trust and image of the sector.

The Code of standards is a set of principles and commitments on how CSOs carry out their work, and set out actions on how to improve their results. Applying these principles can help CSOs hold themselves and their partners accountable to a shared standard. It will establish credibility for CSOs at all levels – with partners, the public, governments, and funders. The Code of standards is a self-regulatory mechanism that ensures higher standards for the civil society sector, aiming to increase its transparency, accountability and public trust. The Code will present understanding of accountability that drives learning and change, develops trust with stakeholders, and enhances the legitimacy and credibility of CSOs.

The Code of Standards for CSOs in Albania will be prepared by experienced local experts, building on the experience of Balkan Civil Society Development Network and other CSOs networks from across the globe, part of the Global Standard Initiative.

Info sessions and regional consultative workshops with CSOs

National Resource Centre will organize and facilitate a series of info sessions and consultative meetings with CSOs across the country to present and promote the idea of a Code of Standards for the sector; its importance for the CSOs sustainability and increase of trust among stakeholders, collaborators, donors and public at large; and further more for the preparation and implementation of the Code of Standards.

Implementation of the Code of Standards

National Resource Centre will promote widely the Code of Standards initiative. Following the finalization of the Code and of the implementing procedure, NRC will facilitate the starting of the Code of Standards implementation and will support further this process.