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Regional and Global Reflections on CSO Accountability in the Balkans

On 1st July 2021, BCSDN held a regional workshop on CSO Accountability: “Reflections on the Self-Regulation of Civil Society by Sharing Regional and Global Experiences”. The event was followed by more than 60 CSOs representatives from the Balkans and across the world, who virtually discussed and shared examples of the CSO accountability practices and self-assessment mechanisms. The workshop aimed to raise awareness among CSOs in the region about the key principles, opportunities, and challenges they should consider in developing and implementing self-regulatory mechanisms for being more effective, accountable, and credible.

The second part of the workshop was devoted to stories on creating and institutionalizing the self-assessment mechanisms in Albania and N. Macedonia. Practical examples of how self-regulation mechanisms can improve the quality of social services provided by CSOs were also provided. As part of the discussion in this panel,

Ms. Ariola Agolli, Manager of the National Resource Center in Partners Albania, shared her experience with the development of the Code for NPOs in Albania, highlighting the importance of a participatory process with extensive involvement in the preparation of the Code, the main principles, commitments of the Code, its functioning and implementing structures. The panelists and discussants then focused on some of the challenges in these processes and practices as well as the ongoing need for capacity building and support of organizations to raise their standards and to be part of such initiatives at the national level and to further recognized international good practices. For more here.