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The Regional Conference “Green Economy and Sustainable Development”

On May 27-28, 2021, the EDEN Center held the regional online conference “Green Economy and Sustainable Development”, organized with a series of panels and discussions by participants from all Western Balkan countries.

About 30 panelists in the two-day conference sessions shared their insights and experience and discussed the involvement of CSOs in the transition to a green economy; fostering networking of actors, CSOs and youth to improve the environment and mechanisms for state-civil dialogue at all levels; building bridges of future initiatives for green relocation of the region; raising public awareness of the importance of environmental protection, green economy, green entrepreneurship and sustainable development. For more follow the live activity here

Ms. Ariola Agolli, Manager of Resource Centre, moderator of the panel on environmental CSO networking for a sustainable region, facilitated discussions between panelists and participants. Supporting and assisting CSO networks has been one of the important components of the Resource Centre activities for two years now, aiming at their empowerment and effective
advocacy in the areas the Network’s operate.