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Call for expression of interest for support in management of the situation Covid19

The Covid-19 pandemic emergency, accompanied by quarantine conditions, has created a series of challenges for the work of the non-profit sector. These challenges, among other things, require new alternative forms of work for the staff of organizations as well as the provision of services to beneficiaries. In these conditions, Partners Albania and the National Resource Center for Civil Society, after an assessment of needs made in this regard over the past week, found that the need of organizations to have access to online platforms as a way to continue their activity, combined this in many cases with the need for training in their use, is high.

In response to these needs there will be TWO PACKAGES of rapid support:

  1. One-year access on the ZOOM platform, the costs of which will be covered by Partners Albania and the National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania. Given that nowadays ZOOM is one of the most used platforms globally, demand for it runs very high. Through a special agreement, we have the means to make a number of accounts available to the sector and all our beneficiaries, with all the functions the platform enables. Requests can be submitted through this form, filling it by April 13. Only selected organizations will be notified of this application by April 17.
    Please note that ZOOM platform, alongside many others, is also offered free of charge (with some limited features such as for virtual meetings shorter than 40 minutes etc.) that can be used freely. Because of this, we will carefully evaluate the purpose of use (eg, services as opposed to simply online meetings / meetings), the nature of what is expected to be communicated (eg, demonstration / exercise instructions with pictures, group training over 10 people), internet access to enable the use of technology, audience size, and frequency of communication (the more frequent, the more priority).


  1. Provide online training for the use of a series of online platforms and creative tools. Given the wide range of applications, tools and platforms available, in most cases it is difficult to choose the right one. As part of these trainings, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with some of them, to assess which is appropriate and the most economical for the needs they have, as well as to exercise in their use. To register for the training, please complete and send by April 16 the application you find at the following link:
    All applicants according to the selected dates will be further notified of the training logistics.