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On Volunteerism and its further development in Albania

The National Resource Centre in cooperation with Beyond Barriers has continued to work during these months to identify the problems and challenges that informal organizations and groups face during the implementation of the legal framework for volunteering. Following meetings with CSOs and institutions responsible in the country for the implementation of the legal framework, an online roundtable discussion was organized on January 21, with about 40 representatives of organizations and legal experts.

Lawyer Ardjana Shehi, presented to all participants an analysis of the legal framework, meaning and obligations that arise for the respective entities according to the provisions of Law no. 45/2016 “On volunteering”.

For more on the legal framework issues and recommendations for further addressing, find here the full opinion.
The Resource Centre, Beyond Barriers and the Grouping of Organizations that have joined the initiative to contribute to the development of volunteerism in Albania (read here the public statement of the group), will continue meetings with institutions to discuss some concrete proposals that address the problems of the law.