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Code of Standards for NPOs in Albania and its developing experience, part of the journal of the Global Standard on CSOs Accountability

Partners Albania and the National Resource Centre, as the initiator and facilitator of the drafting process of the Code of Standards for NPOs in Albania, had the pleasure to be part of the latest edition of the Global Standard for CSO Responsibility newspaper. The Global Standard for CSO Accountability is a standards reference model, created by 10 international organizations, that aims to transform the way organizations understand and practice accountability. It includes 12 dynamic accountability commitments that enable CSOs, regardless of their size or scope, to improve their accountability practices and consequently their effectiveness.

Mrs. Ariola Agolli, Manager of the National Resource Centre and Mrs. Xhoana Zeqo, Project Manager at Partners Albania, shared their experience on the process of developing the Code of Standards for Albanian NPOs. The importance of developing a self-regulatory accountability mechanism for the sector by the sector, the challenge of developing a practice of
standards that is as comprehensive and representative as possible according to the development dynamics of the sector and its promotion to all stakeholders, were some of the other issues addressed in interview. The full article can be found HERE