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Training program “Fiscal framework for NPOs – VAT refund procedure”

Based on the large number of the requests and the high interest from civil society organizations for information and assistance related to some aspects of the fiscal framework and in particular on the VAT refund procedure, on September 28, 2021 we developed a training program on this topic.

About 30 representatives of civil society organizations from all across the country were informed, discussed and increased their practical knowledge on the implementation of the VAT refund procedure by focusing on legal changes in Instruction no. 34 dated 05.12.2019 “On a change in the Instruction no. 6, dated 30.01.2015 “On value added tax in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, which clarifies the procedure of VAT refund for grants that NPOs receive from foreign donors. The
Application procedure for VAT reimbursement Certificate, application procedure for VAT reimbursement, accompanying documentation and main deadlines were some of the issues addressed throughout the training program.