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Press release of the High Judicial Council

The High Judicial Council has issued a press release in which is expressed its position regarding the obligations created by Law no. 80/2021 “On the registration of non-profit organizations” in general and in particular by the article 52/3, which requires within 30 August 2021, the setting of the date for the functioning of the NPOs registration system, based on communication and electronic review of requests for their registration.


The High Judicial Council analyzed and discussed regarding the obligations created by Law and in conclusion could not make a decision regarding the date when the electronic register of NPOs will be functional due to the lack of budgetary funds planned by the Ministry of Finance for this purpose. The Council requested the cooperation of the responsible public actors, to respect the legal obligations, the sub-legal act approved with Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 539, dated 25.07.2019, “On the approval of the roadmap for the government policy towards an enabling environment for the development of civil society 2019 – 2023”, to enable the creation and functioning of electronic registration as an expression of efforts to guarantee and promote transparency, accountability, integrity and public trust in the administration and management of NPOs.

The above confirms once again what we have articulated throughout the last year as part of discussions and consultations with institutions, that the process of drafting and approving the law has been rushed, not well planned and without the involvement of institutions responsible for the law implementation, in this case related to the creation and management of the electronic register of NPOs.

For more, the official press release HERE