The technical assistance program supports formal and informal networks, coalitions and community groups in order to further develop, issues and causes that they want to advance in all areas where CSOs contribute.

During the first year of the Program implementation, 4 networks of civil society organizations increased the organizational capacity and skills of their members through dedicated assistance and mentoring programs, designed specifically based on their needs.

Parents of Elbasan Network is an informal local network of 5 CSOs located in the Elbasan region, working with disable persons and their parents. As part of the Program, the network was assisted in designing an advocacy campaign in order to provide social services for young people with disabilities over the age of 18, in the Elbasan Region. Also during the assistance, the network worked to increase its sustainability by reviewing its internal functioning and drafting a network regulation.

 “An eye for the environment” watchdog network is a national network comprised of 6 CSOs in different regions of the country NPOs working for protection of environment and ecosystems. The assistance was focused on further strengthening the capacity of its members to increase the visibility of the network, through a personalized training program, in order to increase their work impact on policy makers and supporters. The network also was assisted in designing an advocacy campaign to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy poverty which is expected to be implemented very soon.

Youth Voice Network is a national network of 21 organizations working with and for youth located in different regions across the country. As part of the Program Assistance, a SWOT analysis was conducted with the members of the Network, the current strategic plan was reviewed, and the discussion between the members for the analysis of priority issues for the future and the Strategic Plan 2021-2024 was facilitated. Increasing the capacity of network members to fundraising and generate revenue was another benefit of the network throughout the assistance.

The Pact for Shkodra Youth, is a local network comprised of  17 organizations, institutions and youth activists working in the youth field and issues. The program enabled the increase of network members’ knowledge in the implementation of the current legal framework on voluntary regulation. Sharing experiences and good practices, with other organizations as well as facilitating dialogue between institutions involved in the implementation of the legal framework, was made possible through roundtables and online discussion platforms. The network became one of the supporters of the lobbying initiative to improve the enabling environment of volunteering undertaken by the Center and the organization Beyond Barriers. As part of the Program Assistance, the SWOT analysis with the members of the Network was conducted and the milestones for an action plan based on the priority issues of the youth in the Shkodra region were set.

Following the advocacy plans designed by each of the Networks, the Center will continue to support throughout 2020 with information, facilitation of the process of meetings, in order to address problematic issues and resolve them.