Legal framework regulating the activity of non for profit sector

 Law no. 8788 “For non-for-profit organizations” (2001)   Download
 Law no. 8789 “On the registration of non-for-profit organizations” (2001)   Download
 Law no. 8781 “For some additions and amendments to the Law no. 7850 “The civil Code of  the Republic of Albania”” (2001)   Download
 Law no. 10 294 “On Public Financial Inspection” (2010)   Download
 Law no. 9355 “On Social Assistance and services” (2005)   Download
 Instruction of Ministry of Finance and Economy, no.34, date 05.12.2019, on VAT reimbursement   Download
 Law No. 80/2021 “On Registration Of Non-Profit Organizations”   Download
 Law No. 119/2015 “For the establishment and functioning of the National Council for Civil Society”   Download