CSOs and EU integration

European Integration is the main driver of political reforms in the country where a broader involvement of various stakeholders is requested.

The relationship between the Albanian government and CSOs has evolved over the years, addressing the challenges and division of roles but there is still a need for closer cooperation and coordination at all levels of government with parliamentary and civil society platforms dealing with EU integration matters.

In the framework of the capacity building component of NRC, European Movement in Albania (EMA) as one of the implementing partners started organizing a series of info sessions on European Integration.

The information sessions aim to inform CSOs to create a clear understanding on EU legislation and standards divided in 35 chapters and the role that CSOs should have in the negotiation process, in order to be prepared to sit in consultations with the government and discuss specifically for the Chapters.


The main issues of the info sessions are:

-History of EU-Albania relation: milestones of this process;

-Comparison between Albania’s progress and other Countries of the Balkan regions – which are the frontrunners?;

-A detailed overview of the institutional structure that will deal with the negotiation process in the country and the opportunities the civil society organization would have, focused mostly at the newly adopted structure: Platform of Negotiation.

Meantime, as part of its help desk services and meetings with the sector, NRC continues to provide information and assistance to all interested CSOs on the integration process and how they can contribute to that on sector bases, in close collaboration with already established networks or new ones.