Academy for CSOs Leaders

The NPO Academy is a consolidated program, created by Partners Albania, which contributes to enhancement of capacities of NPO executives and managers in regard to organizational development and management, financial sustainability, advocacy for issues of common interest, strengthening of inter-sector cooperation etc.

Since the beginning of the programme in 2015, over 130 representatives of Albanian NPOs, with a wide geographic, sectorial distribution and gender representation, participated in the programme, gaining knowledge and skills in regard to effective management of their organizations in order to assist their stakeholders and wide public.

The NPO Academy is open to all interested CSOs targeting in particular the new CSOs and grassroots and small organisations working with women, youth, minorities, marginalized groups, local development, through an open call for applications launched at the beginning of each year.

NPO Academy:

-Serves as a space for non-formal education to enhance skills and develop competencies of NPO executives;

-Increase the professionalism of participants through a unique curriculum, learning methodology and diverse professional expertise;

-Create generations of professional and committed NPO executives who will become change actors to contribute in the development of Albanian society.


The NPO Academy programme consist on:

-11 lectures, delivered from national and international experts, on key topics such as Civil Society Sector Development Trends and NPO Legal framework; EU integration and CSOs role in this process; Organizational development and governance, HR management and internal procedures; Financial Management; Budgeting and accounting and reporting to state authorities; Strategic communication for NPOs; Proposal writing and EU project management; Strategic planning; Mobilization of constituency, networking and coalition building; Advocacy and Lobbying; Ensuring public support and working with the private sector -Fundraising and philanthropy and Participatory Governance.

-preparation and presentation of various assignments regarding development of new / improved internal policies and procedures, financial formats, proposal formats and fundraising plans, communication tools etc.

-individual coaching and mentoring sessions according to participants’ needs in order to guarantee the implementation of the gained knowledge and competencies during the Academy to respond to the needs of their organizations.

-creating supportive Peer-coaching groups among alumni through regular informal meetings and a dedicated to share experience and enhanced networking and cooperation among CSOs.

-participation in field visits to CSOs, donors community, government institutions, and businesses– introducing to success practices, share experience and good models of NPO-Government cooperation, NPO-private sector, participatory processes, crowdsourcing, found raising etc.


To further strengthen cooperation and networking among Academy participants through the years a dedicated Facebook page is created. Through this page, the participants have the opportunity to share information, exchange experiences, promote their activities, create synergies and partnerships for joint initiatives on issues of common interest, or in the framework of specific call for proposal launched by different donors.

Read here for more information on the program, the criteria and the application process to be enrolled in the next year’s Academy Program.

NPO Academy 2019

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