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Round table “Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Country Report for Albania 2018”

Partners Albania and National Resource Centre for Civil Society organized in May 2019, a round table to present the preliminary findings and recommendations of the “Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society – Country Report for Albania 2018”. The meeting served as a discussion forum focused on an analysis of the changes and development of the legal and practical framework affecting the sector occurred during January 2018- February 2019.

Participants were Ms. Alketa Knuti, Deputy Director of General Tax Directorate, representatives of Agency for the support of the Civil Society (ASCS) , representatives of civil society organizations and donor institution in the country.

The following are some of the main findings:

Burdensome reporting procedures and formats, and poor implementation of the consultation processes on draft laws and policies, especially at the central level of government.

The Road Map for Drafting Policies and Measures for Enabling Environment for Civil society 2015-2018, resulted with only 20% of its actions implemented, while the new action plan 2018-2022 has not yet been approved.

The National Council for Civil Society Development is still struggling in its efforts to build a constructive and effective dialogue in advancing the civil society agenda.

The legal package on Social Enterprise is not in line with EU directive and European best practices, presenting several restrictions and state controlling mechanisms for CSOs deriving from the status of SE.

For more findings and recommendations, please read the report.