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The annual meeting of the Assembly of the Code of Standards for NPOs in Albania

We are pleased to share with you highlights from the annual assembly meeting of the Code of Standards for NPOs in Albania, organised by the National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania, Partners Albania for Change and Development, in the capacity of the Secretariat of the Code.

The meeting brought together the members of the Code to discuss the current work and developments over the past year, with a particular focus on the importance of achieving and maintaining the standards of the Code, as well as further promoting this practice in the country, the region, and beyond, as part of the commitment of organizations in Albania to align with the efforts of CSOs on a global level.

During this last year, the Code of Standards has been recognized and welcomed by important international institutions and bodies, such as the European Commission and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), respectively, as part of the European Commission Report on Albania 2022 and the “Best Practices Document” in the fight against terrorism and the prevention of money laundering.

With the expansion of the membership of the Code to 24 members, the new member organisations also joined in this annual meeting, and shared their insights about membership and emphasised its significance in enhancing organizational standards, fostering stronger partnerships, and increasing the trust of their constituencies, beneficiaries and the wider public.

Furthermore, at the conclusion of the two-year mandates of the two Committee members, Kristina Voko and Mirela Arqimandriti, the Code of Standards Assembly also conducted elections for two new members, from which were elected Ana Dervishi and Milaim Demnushaj.

As below, is the complete list of the Code of Standards Committee.

  1. Ana Dervishi, Executive Director, Beyond Barriers Association
  2. Ana Majko, Executive Director, Initiative for Social Change ARSIS
  3. Blerta Çani Drenofci, Executive Director, Albanian Disability Rights Foundation
  4. Mihallaq Qirjo, Executive Director, Resource Environmental Center – Albania
  5. Milaim Demnushaj, Program Manager/ Lawyer, Different and Equal

During the meeting, several proposals for additions and modifications to some of the commitments and indicators in the Code of Standards were discussed and approved. These changes also reflect recent developments in Europe and beyond, particularly concerning measures related to the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism for NPOs. Another significant change is related to the commitment to provide greater attention and support to human resources within the organization, aiming to contribute to the staff wellbeing.

The Assembly emphasized the importance of strengthening partnerships and undertaking joint initiatives in service of the civil society sector in the country.

The Code of Standards is a self-regulatory mechanism undertaken with the free will of NPOs that includes a set of principles and commitments on how organizations operate. It is a tool that promotes learning and change, strengthens relationships with partners and stakeholders, and increases the legitimacy and credibility of CSOs.

Conceived as a sector contribution to the sector, with the initiative of Partners Albania for Change and Development, the Code is a practice established based on international and regional experiences and models of standards for civil society organizations such as The Global Standard for CSO Accountability and the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN).

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Members of the Code Assembly:

  1. Partners Albania for Change and Development
  2. Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF)
  3. Act for Society
  4. Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD)
  5. Balkan Investigative Reporting Network – BIRN Albania
  6. Beyond Barriers Association (BBA)
  7. Counseling Line for Women and Girls (CLWG)
  8. Different and Equal
  9. Initiative for Social Change (ARSIS)
  10. International Association for Solidarity (SHIS)
  11. Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM)
  12. “Free-Travelling” Association (Liberi di Viaggiare)
  13. Gender Alliance for Development Centre (GADC)
  14. Resource Environmental Center – Albania (REC Albania)
  15. Social Contract Institute (SCI)
  16. Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS)
  17. “Vatra” Psycho-Social Centre
  18. COSV in Albania
  19. Woman Forum Elbasan
  20. National Association For Life (SHKEJ)
  21. Diakonia Agapes –Foundation Spirit of Love
  22. Albcontact Centre
  23. Plan&Go
  24. Streha Shelter