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Consultation meeting with the Agency for Civil Society Support (ASCS) on the Roadmap 2019-2023

Agency for Civil Society Support – ASCS with the support of the Office of the Prime Minister and the assistance of the representatives of the European Union delegation is organizing several meetings with CSOs in the framework of an awareness campaign that is developing for the Roadmap 2019-2023 and its promotion.
The first meeting was held in Tirana, while two other meetings will take place in:
  • Berat, dated 09.06.2021, at 12:00, Grand White City Hotel
  • Pogradec, dated 10.06.2021, at 12:00, Hotel Pogradeci
National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania as part of the meeting raised a series of concerns regarding the (non) implementation of the measures of the Roadmap, although two years have passed since its drafting and most of the measures should have been implemented. Even in the measures for which work has started, as in the case of the Law on Registration of NPOs, the approach with CSOs as a stakeholder directly affected by it, has been non-inclusive. In conditions when there is no progress in the enabling environment for civil society organizations, which is the purpose of the Roadmap, and when there are almost two years left to implement the plan of this strategic document for the sector, it is necessary for the government to make a presentation for the implementation of each of the measures and the plan for their subsequent drafting
As part of discussions by NRC, but also other participants was the lack of functioning of the NCSC and the need to improve its representation and activity in relation to government and the sector. Establishment of monitoring structures for the implementation of the Roadmap, drafting of annual monitoring reports, appointment of contact persons in each institution, enabling legal framework for NPOs, for Volunteering and its promotion, the involvement NPOs in the integration process as well as in the work of the National Council for European Integration (NCIE), etc were some of the measures that were cited as unimplemented as part of the discussion.
Reiterate that all the concerns of the sector as above, were raised as part of the National Conference of Civil Society and are part of the Public Document of the Conference sent to all other institutions and actors in the country and beyond
During the meeting, the representative of the Office of the Prime Minister acknowledged the concerns raised and informed that work is currently underway to develop a methodology for drafting an annual monitoring report on the implementation of the Roadmap, a report which is expected to be made public soon and sent for consultation with all interest groups.