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Information and Assistance Sessions on the procedure of registration of NPOs according to the law “On the register of beneficiary owners”

From January 2021, the law “On the register of beneficiary owners” came into force. The National Resource Centre published and widely distributed the notice in the sector, along with some guidelines for the registration procedure. Based on numerous requests for information addressed to the Center, from organizations across the country, the Center prepared and shared specific information on a number of issues on which there was uncertainty.

Subsequently, in response to the high interest from civil society organizations, the Resource Centre and Partners Albania organized an information session on the procedure of registration of beneficial owners. The identification of the owner, the application procedure for registration, the necessary documents, the electronic signature and the deadlines were the main issues addressed during the information session. For more, follow the session HERE!

About 140 CSO representatives have received information and answers to questions in real-time, and have been individually assisted so far on specific issues related to the registration procedure. Read more