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Public Consultations for the European Commission’s 2021 Annual Report on Albania

Every year, the Delegation of the European Union in Albania is preparing the Annual Report of Albania 2021. The structure of the Annual Report of 2021 will be the same as the Report of 2020.

During April 2021, the EU Delegation organized a three-day consultation with civil society organizations on Albania’s Annual Report 2021. About 100 CSOs representatives, shared with the EU Delegation their views and assessment of
the country’s performance in key areas of democracy and fundamental rights, rule of law, and various chapters of the acquis communautaire – the body of EU law.

As part of the consultation, the National Resource Center presented all the developments of recent months, especially regarding the legal framework affecting the sector, focusing on the Draft Law “On registration of non-profit organizations”, the numerus problematic issues in this regard and lack of progress in implementing the measures of the Roadmap of civil society etc.

Furthermore, based on the invitation for written opinions, an extended information on the above issues was send to the EU Delegation by the Resource Center. Every year, the European Commission adopts its strategic document for the enlargement area. It assesses each country’s progress and sets out the way forward, as well as recommendations for the coming year. This year’s report from the Commission to the Council will be published in Autumn 2021. Read more