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Regional Community Resilience Forum

On 20-21 October, 2021, TACSO 3 organized in Belgrade, the Regional Forum “Community Resilience”, with the participation of 117 representatives of community foundations, grassroots, CSOs providing grants and capacity building for grassroots, representatives of the DG NEAR and Delegations from the region, donors, experts and other stakeholders in the area of civil society development in the Western Balkans region and Turkey.

The Forum addressed one of the most critical issues facing civil society presently – CSOs relation with constituencies and genuine activism.

Thematic panels created a space for discussion among all stakeholders in the region on issues such as: factors that affect a sustainable and resilience community; supporting communities to recover; identifying community needs; recognition of beneficiaries and supporters of CSOs; patterns of community activism; Community philanthropy etc as well as good practices of CSOs in support of vulnerable groups in times of crisis. Albania was represented in this Forum, with several representatives of CSOs, who contributed to the thematic panels and discussions, bringing the Albanian perspective on this issue. For more