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The Commission of Legal Issues, Public Administration and Human Rights of the Assembly of Albania, held a hearing session on the draft law “On the registration of Non for Profit Organizations”

After the draft law was forwarded to the Assembly, in October a Request was sent to the Assembly for a hearing session which was organized a few months later, on February 24, 2021, and moreover one day after the approval of the draft law in principle by the Law Commission.
In the hearing session in the Law Commission, the discussions by the representatives of the CSOs highlighted a series of principle issues that the draft law has. Despite the expression of readiness to listen to the NPOs and welcome their comments, the statements articulated during the hearing by some members of the Law Commission had biased marks against the sector.
Both the Assembly and the Ministry of Justice earlier in the communications, presented that this draft law addresses the recommendations of MoneyVal of the Council of Europe while issues raised by the civil society sector do not affect the recommendations of MoneyVal.
Following the hearing session, the Law Commission invited the NPOs to a meeting on February 26, 2021, to continue with the discussions on the issues raised. The statement was widely shared with the civil society sector, the donor community, responsible institutions and the media which reflected developments on this issue.