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Qendra Kombëtare Burimore për Shoqërinë Civile – Thirrje për Trajnerë


Call for Trainers


Position Title:             Trainer/Expert

Location:                     Albania

Organization:              Partners Albania for Change and Development (Partners Albania)

Employment Type:     Contract Service


Introduction and Background Information

National Resource Centre for Civil Society (NRCCS) in Albania is an initiative of Partners Albania, funded by the European Union, and implemented in partnership with the Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD) and the European Movement in Albania (EMA).

The National Resource Centre for Civil Society will serve as a platform for the civil society at national level in supporting its capacity building, policy dialogue and advocacy efforts for an enabling environment.

The ultimate goal of the Centre is to have a civil society sector, which is an effective, accountable and independent actor in the democratization and integration processes of Albania towards European Union.

The main functions of the Centre are:

  • Provision of information and services (help desk) for the sector and all stakeholders and interested partners for developments in the civil society sector;
  • Networking for CSOs at local, national, regional level and beyond;
  • Strengthening of the capacities of civil society in Albania through training, assistance, exchange, etc;
  • Support for the improvement of governance of civil society organizations to be more effective, accountable and transparent, as well as for the improvement of the image, public and stakeholders’ trust on the sector;
  • Improve of the networking and advocacy skills and facilitate of advocacy and political dialogue processes, for a greater and more effective participation in policymaking, as well as in the policy implementation and monitoring at local and national level.

The Center main office is in Tirana and has two other regional offices in Shkodra and Vlora, to ensure wider territorial coverage of the country with its activities and services.


Aim of the Call

Under the component of building and strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations in Albania, the NRCCS, through its three offices, will offer a set of training programmes based on the needs of CSOs on issues related to: organizational development; organizational management; financial management; organizational and financial sustainability; good governance and CSOs inclusion in policy making, implementation and monitoring); advocacy and lobbying etc.

This Call for Expression of Interest for Trainers aims to identify and select qualified and experienced professionals to join the NRCCS team set up for the implementation of the capacity building component.

The main objective of the component is building and strengthening of CSOs capacities in the areas as below (but not limited to):

  • Organizational development and sustainability;
  • Financial management and state reporting requirements and rules;
  • Project proposal writing and management;
  • Participation in policy and decision – making process (community mobilization; advocacy and lobbying, participatory governance);
  • Building of sustainable cooperation with state institutions, private sector etc;

The capacity building programme will be offered during the three years of project implementation.

The training programme will be delivered in Albanian. The Expert/Trainer will be under the supervision of the Project Manager and will liaise with Coordinator of Centre for delivering of the call objectives.

The Expert/trainer will be contracted to deliver his/her services for a period of two years, according to the PA roster training proramme but no less than 20 days per year. The training programme will be delivered in different cities; therefore the expert/trainer must be available for traveling during the contracted period.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contributing to the strengthening of the capacity of the civil society in Albania;
  • Elaborating and designing of training materials and modules (incl. PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs, and exercises) on topics related to strengthening of CSOs capacities such as: Project proposal writing; Project management; Organizational development; Advocacy and Lobbying; Participation in policy and decision-making process; Community Mobilization; Building of sustainable cooperation with state institutions, private sector etc.;
  • Delivering of trainings and/or capacity building programs individually or as part of a team;
  • Evaluate effectiveness of training programs; Make recommendations for further training interventions and improvement of Centre programs;
  • Prepare and send report after the training delivery;
  • Be available based on PA roster training programme no less than 20 days per year for the next two years;
  • Be available for traveling within the country (the training programmes will be organized in the three NRCCS offices but other cities as well, in order to reach local and grassroots civil society organizations).

Required Skills and Experience

At least 5 years of practical working experience in designing training curricula/module and conducting interactive training programmes in one or more than one from the above mentioned topics, at local and/or national level;

  • At least 5 years of experience on collaboration with civil society and government structures related to the topics of the training programme;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the civil society sector in Albania;
  • Master’s degree, or higher, in social science, human rights, public policy or other relevant field;
  • Work experience with international organizations is an asset;
  • Good written and speaking knowledge of English.


Contracting Arrangements:

The successful candidates will be included in NRCCSs technical training roster. Where a request for services arises, NRCCSs staff will approach the identified consultants from the roster to seek their availability for the specific assignments.

Qualified candidates that wish to apply for this position are requested to send via email at

  • A cover letter of expression of interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of the trainings delivered during their course of work with detailed topics of training and the contractor data (name of organization/subject) of the delivered trainings


The deadline for submission of the documents is May 25, 2019.

Expression of interest received after the deadline would not be considered.

National Resource Centre for Civil Society embraces diversity in its hiring, welcoming individuals of all religions, ethnicity, gender, and orientation to apply.